Fast Track to 100,000 New Card Holders!
We have made a major adjustment to our business model in order to put our metal ZBlackCard Mastercard into
the hands of thousands of people by the end of 2017. To accomplish this we lowered the price to get a card from
$89.95 plus shipping and handling to $20 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. We are waiving the $49.95 Activation
Fee as well. This means that anyone can get a card for a total of $29.95. All cards will come with the VIP Plan which
allows for the owner to earn unilevel income and Elite rewards when they refer others to join them as a cardholder.

If a card holder does not wish to participate in the cardholder VIP plan they can cancel it at any time.

Nowhere in the world can a person purchase a metal prepaid MasterCard for only a few dollars. The residual income
that can be earned by getting a card and referring others is life changing. To learn more about the income check out    the video #3 on the

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